Miranda’s group’s script

Miranda, Juan, and Sam


Where: soccer field or courtyard 

Who:vera (backup: mr.love, mrs.burton)




(subject says this) hi my name is ____ i am ____ years old and i’m from ______.



What do you miss most about your hometown?

What was your favorite place to go in __?

What did you do for fun in __?

How would you describe the people form your hometown?

Whats your most memorable day in __?

Who do you miss the most?

How did you feel about moving to houston?

Why did you move to houston?


What do you like most about houston?

Where is your favorite place so far and what do you like to do there?

How are the people from __ different from the people in houston?

Whats your favorite thing about westchester?

Do you do any extra curricular activities or play any sport?

When did you start playing and what made you start?

What do you think about houston in general?


How long do you plan to stay in houston?

Where are you thinking about continuing school after high school?

When you do leave do you think you’ll be sad to go? 

camera movement definitions

dolly- camera is attachted to a cart which moves on a track for a smoother movement in the shot 

follow- the camera/cameraman literally follows the subject

pan- horizontal movement

tilt- vertical camera angle movement 

track- like a dolly the camera moves along tracks but is set at a specific distance from the subject 

zoom- change in zoom, where it looks like the camera is getting closer or farther

Camera Shots Definition

wide/long shot- subject can be seen fully in this shot 

very wide shot- the subject can barley be seen but the shot is used to show the subject in their enviorment 

midshot- the subject can be seen from the shoulders up

close up- the subject takes up most of the shot. a feature of the subject is focused on

extreme close up- shows extreme detail in the subject

cut in- shows an other part of the subject usually doing something 

cutaway- a shot of something near but not the subject

over the shoulder shot- shot of the subject from behind another person


Camera Shots

Medium Close Up Shot



Close Up Shot






Wide Shot




Very Wide Shot



Point Of View Shot


Cut Away



Two Shot



Over The Shoulder Shot




Students will use computers in conformity with laws of the United States and the State of Texas. Violations include, but are not limited to, the following:

1- Criminal Acts- C

2- Libel Laws- A

3- Copyright Violations- B


a) Publicly defaming people through either published (or the publishing of) material on the Internet, email, etc.

b) Copying, selling, or distributing copyrighted material without the express written permission of the author or publisher (users should assume that all materials available on the Internet are protected by copyright); engaging in plagiarism (using others’ words or ideas as your own).

c) “hacking” or attempting to access computer systems without authorization, harassing email, cyber bullying, cyber stalking, child pornography, vandalism, and/or unauthorized tampering with computer systems.

True or False

___false 4. Email and other electronic communication by students is confidential.

___true 5. Electronic communication may be monitored at any time by designated District staff to ensure appropriate use for educational or administrative purposes.

___false 6. Students may allow others to use their account names and passwords or use those of others.

___true 7. Be polite and use appropriate language in email messages, online postings, and other digital communications.

___true 8. Not use computers, handheld computers, cell phones, personal digital devices, or the Internet to post or send hate or harassing mail, pornography; make discriminatory or derogatory remarks about others; or engage in bullying, harassment, or other antisocial behaviors either at school or at home.

___true 9. Students will be held responsible for how they represent themselves and their schools and District in all online activities, including on social network sites such as Facebook or MySpace.

___false 10. Students are encouraged to pretend to be someone else when online to protect their own information.

___true 11. Students will avoid using any technology in such a way that would disrupt the activities of others.

___true 12. Students will use technology resources productively and responsibly for school-related purposes.

___true 13. Students will not attempt to bypass, or circumvent, District security settings or Internet filters.

___false 14. As long as it is for educational purposes only, students are exempt from copyright laws.

___true 15. Inappropriate use of technology and computer systems can result in ISS and other consequences.