Miranda’s group’s script

Miranda, Juan, and Sam


Where: soccer field or courtyard 

Who:vera (backup: mr.love, mrs.burton)




(subject says this) hi my name is ____ i am ____ years old and i’m from ______.



What do you miss most about your hometown?

What was your favorite place to go in __?

What did you do for fun in __?

How would you describe the people form your hometown?

Whats your most memorable day in __?

Who do you miss the most?

How did you feel about moving to houston?

Why did you move to houston?


What do you like most about houston?

Where is your favorite place so far and what do you like to do there?

How are the people from __ different from the people in houston?

Whats your favorite thing about westchester?

Do you do any extra curricular activities or play any sport?

When did you start playing and what made you start?

What do you think about houston in general?


How long do you plan to stay in houston?

Where are you thinking about continuing school after high school?

When you do leave do you think you’ll be sad to go? 

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