Experimental Video Evaluation – Miranda and Sara

We were given the task to create a video consisting of experimental concepts that are rarely used. We basically just had to experiment with camera shots, editing, etc. We researched experimental videos on the internet and came across some really great videos. For example Call Me In The Afternoon by Half Moon Run was an outstanding video with very cool editing.

Finally we deiced to design a video with lots of effects. We wanted to make a video that would require lots of different hue changes to show out skill in photoshop.

At first we planed to make the video in first person because of our idea. We realized the video would get old fast so we changed our plan to be a short amount of time first person and the rest third person with lots of unusual camera angles and movements to keep the audience interested and amazed.

While creating we realized how hard it was to come up with not normal camera angles and movements! We got a came up with a few but that was the hardest part of filming and going through with our plan. As we planned, we recored a short piece of the film in first person and the rest in third person and used as many camera angles as we could.

Editing was terrible we thought we could do many things with the effects but unfortunately we were very wrong, its much harder than it seems to edit. We planned to do so many things that we either didn’t have time for or didn’t know exactly how to do it, and we ended up not being able to do all the things we planned because of lack of time but we did get done the most important part which was putting effect in the areas where sara had her glasses on and also putting effect in the first person shot on only the galsses. that was our biggest goal and we accomplished that.

The project was challenging but we did accomplish our biggest goals, we learned a lot, and we had fun experimenting.

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