Hello Viewers this Beaver Stove

Uaaaahh I’m in the academic wilderness, trying to survive for just one day. Right now I’m in Westchester, home of the rabid teenager.

Frist things first, i need to find a source of food. I havnt eaten for three minutes and my health levels are becoming critically low.

I have some change on me, maybe thats enough or a snack

Now, vending machines are very rare creatures in an environment like this. Theres roughly only 1 or maybe even 2 in the whole school.

Ok were scouting for our food this may take a while …

*Whisper* Look at it. It’s just around the corner and from my perspective its loaded with goodies. i’m going to slowly creep up on it and watch out for any other predators. I have to make sure the vending machine is mine.

Ok i made it to the prey, cameraman look take a shot of the delightful Rice Crispies and oh sweet baby jesus they have Hot Cheetos.

Wait no.. the vending machine is off *Slides hand down glass* *excessive amount of tears like he’s soaked in his own tears kind of tears*

I don’t know what ill do but for right now it’s almost next period and i need to finish my god awful geometry homework.

I don’t know what these triangles mean but maybe i can make a paper airplane out of this homework and send a rescue note.

Ok my airplane is done you can that i made the point very sharp for maximum aerodynamic flying. Lets throw it.. *throws airplane* *airplane seems like its flying but then in reality in flew for 2 feet*

Well that was a waste of my time ..

Now for surviving high school you’ll need a set of specific materials in order to survive. #1. You’ll need a pencil and paper #2. Some music if and only if the adult species allows you to listen to it and #3. food.

Now for me, I’ve yet to find food so ill just have to wait for lunch

*After Lunch…*

Ughh that was just disgusting I could’ve sworn that lasagna had a beating heart.

Well It’s almost the end of the day and my mom made dumplings and biscuits….time for a tea party.

Oh and perfect timing my transportation has arrived. Now ill teach you how to survive bus rides.

Till’ next time fellow viewers this is Beaver Stove


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