Evaluation Doc “How To” Video Juan Austin and Miranda

Evaluation Document


In this project Austin Juan and I made a How To Video. Before we began planning we had to do some research, so we watched some videos from youtube to get some inspiration. 


We watched some on how to be something, and also some on how to make something but we saw none on how to accomplish something. So, we decided to make a how to survive school video.


After we went through the normal process of planning a video, we made a storyboard and script. When making the script we tried to keep everything short, simple, and funny to keep our viewers interested. 


We decided we would make our video sort of a parody of a Bear Grylls video. To do this planned to do a following movement with the camera and have austin, our main character, talk to the camera.


Also when filming we also had trouble being able to do a one take video because every morning we tried to film the vending machine was being refilled. Because of this we just decided to film in parts. 


So, this is what we did. We followed the script and our camera plan exactly as we’d planned, which doesn’t happen often.


Our overall outcome of the video was really good, the only problem we could see with the video was the noise in the background. 


The process of making the video was really fun and we enjoyed doing because there wasn’t many problems.

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