Write Up- Miranda Miller Juan Barbosa and Komail Wahab

Like all projects we started by researching and observing various trailers on Youtube and Vimeo. We watched trailers of all genres to find exactly what we were interested in making. 

At first we thought about doing an action movie but then we decided on a parody of a horror. Then we created a story board, the story board helped a lot because it let us brainstorm some good scenes we could choose from later to include in the trailer.  We also created a script that let us plot out what exactly we would say, when, and what exactly would be happening on screen when we did. We decided to film at one of our partners houses to make the trailer more realistic. We planned to film during the day and also when the sun went down to get a variety scenes like a real movie has. 

One friday afternoon we all met up at Juan’s house just before the sun went down to get different shots. While filming we found it hard to stay on task, but eventually we got it done. Other than this there were no problems filming, the house was very quiet, the lighting was awesome for the mood of our project and we had no camera troubles. Overall filming was very successful although we could’ve included more scenes that would introduce characters more and maybe make our scenes a little shorter.  Editing was a breeze seeing that we could cut our scenes short and somewhat choppy to make the project feel more like a trailer. We believe that we could’ve made the scenes a little shorter to make it feel more like a trailer.              

We believe we did fairly well, we accomplished what we had planned but what we planned might not have been enough to share an upcoming movie with an audience. We could’ve included shorter, faster scenes the would have introduce the movie a little better. We used our time efficiently and got the job done just the way we planned for it to be. Overall we did well on our trailer and we are happy with the outcome.

Trailer Analysis


The “Lincoln” trailer gives the audience an idea of the setting (time, location, and mood) of the film. This is accomplished by using wide/long shots of landscapes and scenery. The filmmaker also does a good job of introducing the main character and story line by using close ups of the main character with voice over of his lines that can briefly show the main conflict of the film.


In the “Argo” trailer many short, quick, long shots of the main conflict (dysfunctional government in a foreign country) are used to show the audience where all conflict begins and takes place in the film. Characters are developed using close ups and voice overs that also establish a main conflict for the film.

“Beasts of the Southern Wild”

The “Beast of the Southern Wild” trailer mostly develops the main character using many shots of him (or her i couldn’t tell the gender) well.. doing things, like talking to others and running around. I didn’t understand what the movie was going to be about or who else would be apart of it. I didn’t find this trailer very good because i was still lost at the end. Scenes that establish setting would’ve been much more helpful.