Trailer Analysis


The “Lincoln” trailer gives the audience an idea of the setting (time, location, and mood) of the film. This is accomplished by using wide/long shots of landscapes and scenery. The filmmaker also does a good job of introducing the main character and story line by using close ups of the main character with voice over of his lines that can briefly show the main conflict of the film.


In the “Argo” trailer many short, quick, long shots of the main conflict (dysfunctional government in a foreign country) are used to show the audience where all conflict begins and takes place in the film. Characters are developed using close ups and voice overs that also establish a main conflict for the film.

“Beasts of the Southern Wild”

The “Beast of the Southern Wild” trailer mostly develops the main character using many shots of him (or her i couldn’t tell the gender) well.. doing things, like talking to others and running around. I didn’t understand what the movie was going to be about or who else would be apart of it. I didn’t find this trailer very good because i was still lost at the end. Scenes that establish setting would’ve been much more helpful.

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